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How Do Property Taxes on Second Homes Work?

The deadline to appeal property taxes is September in many areas. With the decline in property values, it may be worth appealing your property tax value to make sure you are paying the correct property tax amount. You may be able to save money. Josh Ritchie gives us details on how frequency of use of

Tax Tips for Extension Filers

Autumn is upon us, and if you chose to file a tax extension this year, October 15 is your target date…your zero hour…your deadline. Your six-month grace period is coming to an end. If it feels as though the past few months have flown by, don’t fret, there is still time to submit your tax

Don’t Forget About These

Don’t Forget About These Miscellaneous Tax Deductions You filed for a tax extension, and bought yourself a bit of time to get your final tax return into the IRS. The clock’s been ticking and the October 15th tax deadline is approaching. Hopefully, you’ve spent this time gathering your documents: The W-2s, home mortgage interest, etc.

The Government Shutdown and Your Taxes

The Government Shutdown and Your Taxes IRS Update: The government shutdown that took place on October 1 left everyone with questions about how the shutdown will impact them. If you are one of the taxpayers that filed an extension, you may be wondering if the shutdown impacts filing your taxes. Don’t worry. We have you