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What are your chances of an IRS audit?

Often, timing is everything or so the adage goes.  Does timing play a factor in raising or decreasing your risk of being audited by the IRS? For example, does the time when you file your income tax return affect the IRS’s decision to audit you? Some individuals think filing early will decrease their risk of

2013 Massive Tax Changes

Taxes for the “Affluent” in 2013: Top tax rate on ordinary income rises from 35% to almost 44%, an increase of almost 25% The top tax rate on capital gains rises from 15% to almost 24%, an increase of almost 60% Top dividend tax rate increases from 15% to almost 44%, an increase of almost

IRS Provides Relief To Hurricane Victims

We often at times can’t help but think of the IRS as enemy instead of our ally.  However, the IRS has fanned their side of humanity by very quickly responding to the needs and sensitivity of all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Locally, we may not be personally affected, but undoubtedly our concerns and thoughts